ACCEPTANCE: a step to becoming a better you

hey everyone 😍

I’m so excited to be publishing my first post after alot of inspiration and brainstorming from friends.

Alot of people complain of not been appreciated, accepted and taken seriously but in reality these ones haven’t come to clear terms with themselves to endorse and love who they really are. They expect others to see them for who they wish to be and not who they currently are because of the feeling of not been good enough.

Acceptance in my own words means approval or endorsement of something or someone .

you must come to the actualization that no one will appreciate you enough if you don’t do so for yourself. If you pass in front of a mirror and never pause to notice how beautiful and strong you really are in and out, there’s nothing anyone will say that will make you better.

Acceptance gives us the opportunity to learn and become better versions of ourselves and still be our own masterpiece. It’s OK to be a nerd,weirdo or the classy one, just make sure whatever you put on gives you the opportunity of revealing the true you and also allows you to grow and love who you really are and who you’re becoming

Some feel they are too skinny, or fat, too tall or short, others feel the shape they have got isn’t anything compared to those on TV or not built as those guys they see modelling and so they overwork themselves in trying to be someone else.

Finally, if you don’t feel your worth more than a billion dollar check, you’ll get purchased for that and even less all because you couldn’t see that your a priceless 💎 deep within and all you had to do was let it shine from the inside and light up the world.

You are Royalty ,

you are chosen and beautiful

Alessia Cara sang in her song’scars to your beautiful ‘said these words:

you don’t have to change a thing, the world can change its heart…. oh your beautiful .

Thanks for reading… Please your comments are welcome😘😘.


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