Is suicide the way out?

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Hope we all are doing fine except for the stress of the new week.its been so long since I posted something and that’s because this stuff has burdened me for long so I felt I need to let my own view out and get to know yours to.

A recent trend has been occurring and making waves amidst the youths and has caused hurt and sadness to individuals and families. It had so been welcomed that it seems it is the next option once things don’t go the way we plan. This latest trend which had cost us so Mich is nothing but SUICIDE.

suicide is an intentional act of ending or taking one’s life by him/herself. Thus suicidal activities are never a mistake. Prior to this,depression comes in and begin to cause so much worry and concern to the victim. A sense of hopelessness steps in to seem like nothing is working out fine and then this makes way for suicidal thoughts to come in as the major way to end their worry and hopelessness.


personally, I’ve heard people say those victims of suicide do so because the have lost hope in God. This is very true because if a little atom of hope is left in them towards God who is a higher being and has higher powers, then these suicidal events would totally be the last thing on their mind.

more to it,I see suicide as a result of loss of hope in oneself. The lack of hope to see oneself going out of such situation or recovering from what once weighed us down,living without people who once mattered to us but have been stolen by the hands of death or walk out of our lives.

is more heart breaking to see that most suicide cases occurs due to heart breaks either from the man or the lady. They attach their existence to this one person in which they are in a relationship with,that the thought of this person leaving them breaks them to their inner being. This then makes them feel worthless and of no purpose without this supposed loved one who walked out on them and then to them the take up the suicidal thoughts that come and act on it.

It is painful we are in a generation where insecticide such as sniper and others with germicide ate used to terminate a life we never created and are never going to be able to. The scriptures days there is time for everything, so why not live life to it’s fullest till our then to return to the father comes.

time when our world needs youths who have decided to go all the way to create a positive impact and change to our world are now ending and wasting their lives all cause they attached their living to fellow men and mundane things of this world.


There is only but one way out of this hopelessness in God and then ourselves, it is nothing but find God’s love.

If you have found his love, then accept this love that is offered to us which is way beyond any human lover can give unto us. Once we let his love be shed abroad in our hearts,then a sense of meaning and purpose comes in. The holy spirit is waiting on us to beacon on him for help instead of taking substances to hurt us or jumping down high Clift and bridges due to failure

in one aspect of our lives either academics or business life.

To those who always criticize those victims of suicide and mock them,here’s a breaking news to just might be you. The Bible says ‘ he who thinks he stands take heed lest he falls’. Keep holding onto God as your anchor and drive. Also let the love that God had extended to us and by the help of the holy spirit shed abroad in our hearts reach out to those around us. It wouldn’t cost you anything to show love or care for those you come in contact with. Check up on long time friends, pay visit and reach out if you can to those in need. Try to be there for people and !make Christ known to them and leave them with a sense and glimpse of new hope and better life even after their tough times and phase.

Thanks for taking time out to read this,I hope you gain something and share with others around you💗❤❤

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Could something be wrong with me?

Hey guys

Hope you all have been doing fine and I swear I missed you all .it’s really been a while,..been down and all thinking could something be wrong with me’. That’s question most ladies ask themselves these days.

I’m I not too beautiful or I’m I not well endowed? Is my grammar bad? ‘I’m I too decent? These and many more questions we ladies ask and so here’s my answer to that,it is YES and NO. don’t be confused…. See it this way,something could actually be wrong with you which is a YES to the question and on the other hand nothing could be wrong with you which is a NO to the question.


LADIES….yes you,we worry must times about what the male folks are not doing and forget want we should be doing. We blame them so much does our mess and expect everything to all be fine.

1. Check your attitude

Fort the whole old gist of’ who ever is for me will love me the way I am’. Don’t get me wrong if a man is yours he’ll definitely come by but not with the attitude. You need a man and your so rude,non_challant about delicate issues ,arrogant,lack purpose and respect for anything masculine or its sort.

How about instead of complaining of why guys aren’t approaching you and why they approach you wrongly,take time to work on your attitude, deal with the rudeness and disobedience, get tidy and neat, get used to dealing with you yourself without depending so much on an incoming man to deal with you for yourself.

2. Gain value

Value is a currency in this part of the world. Beauty is good and lovely to get a man attracted to you but when he comes,what do you have to offer. You need something to older outside your body that can get used with time or your endless chats about how your day went or about why you need a particular product for your skin or how your wardrobe is outdated and how you should be walking on a man’s gold.

Learn a skill, do something with your hands, let your brain think something to add meaning, value and purpose to his life. Think of things to move you both forward from where you met and not backwards.

3. Get a hold of yourself

Girl, why do you have to be everywhere,left,right and center and at every nook and cranny. Your always looking for ways to gain the attention of men through silly and wrong means when after they come you have nothing to offer. You’ve let yourself so cheap that any man or thing that comes in trousers can get to you pretending they love you and promising you marriage which you’ve become so desperate for. That’s why they wrong ones trample on you and leave you wasted and still searching.

4. Watch what you eat

Some ladies can’t let go of anything that looks like food without eating it and then are so lazy to work out. They come up with excuses like its natural,that’s how God made me to cover up the real truth that they are gaining excess weight which can be controlled with reduced eating. To make things worse, they go about wearing tight fitting clothes in the name of slaying while there are skin folds everywhere due to much body fat.


the other side to this question is there really might be nothing wrong with you

1. Know your worth

If you know your worth you’ll know that not all men deserve you and so they inadequate ones are so scared of walking up to you. Girl, if you know your won’t settle for any kind of man.

So I’m telling you now,your a rare gem and you deserve so much more than you think you want.

2. He’s just not the one

Here’s where I use the regular break up line😂😂its not you,its them. Your meant to attract the right person but somehow the wrong ones and passer by will still want to shoot their shot and see if you’ll fall for it. So keep been strong and trust your instinct. Don’t be lead by emotions and mere feelings but see things from the reality of it and if he’s for you, he’ll definitely come around or perhaps in your case you’ll have to come around..

Thanks for taking time out to read this and I’m definitely sure this word is for someone out there.

Just a little longer

Hey guys.

I’m here once again and I must say that I’ve missed this place. So today I’ll be reaching out to one whose about to give up,to let go and to quit trying. Though it seems blur right now and uncertain, trust the supernatural being and the lion in you to dare to push further.

There are some walls we come across in life and they look too high to jump over and most definitely breaking them down seems impossible. Also times when we are just miles away from our goals,the enemy within tries to give us reasons why we should quit and give up on all we laboured for when truly he’s threatened by the force and transformation we will cause once we emerge.

Reasons to push a little longer.

Have you ever thought of how your life will be if you reached where you always dreamed of ?

Have you ever looked back to see how far you’ve come and how’s much is left for you to break through those walls and emerge a winner ?

If you haven’t,take a time this moment and ponder on it,keep it in mind and keep meditating on those questions and be sure to be sincere with your answers.

The efforts we put into different aspects of our lives,be it financial, physical,spiritual,mental and all what need us to give on our best and maximum effort. This is why drive is essential in every journey we embark on as discussed about in my previous post(you can check out my previous post on drive:a way to success)

Spiritually, there are times when the Christian race seems tiring and frustrating. For some of us who were privileged to have been in the world and are now in the light,we find ourselves wanting to go back to our Egypt (past lives),we tend to see reasons why our past and crooked lives are better of to our current Christ_focused life.

But guess what,just at that point and time when you feel like giving up,there’s a package and gift just about to be handed to you,there’s a new place and realm that you are about to launch into,there’s a new and double portion grace to stay and pray in God’s presence. So you have to keep holding on to get your gift so the enemy doesn’t get hold of it and rob you of your possession ( John 10:10)

Don’t let him do that! Don’t let him mock you and deprive you of your joy! Keep pushing and pressing I’m the secret place.

Financially, you might have been saving up to get something you value and that which will add value to you or invest into a business and all of a sudden the money seems not to be saving up or things around begin to divert the funds which should be saved for the future. You’re most likely tired of that and about to spend the money on something not necessary and important… Don’t do it. Keep pushing and saving, your about to get there to get was you desire.,

Academically,you’ve tried to keep your grades up as best as you can and some how they are dropping or feels like your effort isn’t equal to your results and grades .so you want to to stop trying and putting in your best. Do you think its worth it cos I don’t think its Worth giving up for. You didn’t get a first class as you expected but what’s wrong if you can get a second class upper?.why would you want to settle for a third class or pass? Keep pushing dear,just a little longer till you get there

Thsnk, to all the female folks who feel they are getting out of shape and are getting obese; who have started up some sort of ketone diet and some work out but right now feel like cutting off the diet and not exercising…think about it again,you gave up your comfort and desire to get to the size you are now with everyone telling you you look good and all of a sudden you want to start munching in those chocolates and all the want not. Come on,it ain’t worth it

To the slim ladies wanting to out on some weight but are kinda glued to junks. If you really want to put up some real weight, you’ll have to keep those stuffs away and eat well balanced food to give the necessary effect. Don’t starve yourself for some irrelevant reasons and ideology.

Finally, a note to yourself; never give up on yourself. You can give up on anything else but not yourself. No one is going to push hard and forward for you except yourself

Never let your current person deprive your future self from becoming that person he/she is meant to be by giving up. Give it time to develop and grow because once the future is made a reality, you’ll smile back and see reasons why you never gave up and thank yourself for that.

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Hello people,

Happy new month though its not the first day of the month but its my first post in April.

I went on a break on writing to work on myself and guess what? I’m finally back on ground. So there’s something I noticed that is common amongst young ones of recent times and this has caused more damage than one can ever think of and it is nothing but inner hurts.

Personally, inner hurts refers to those pains and wounds locked up within us which we have been caused by various events in the past that have left injuries that have refused to heal.

Then what then can cause these inner hurts that has posed a lot of threat to the young ones. Inner hurts occur as a result of broken trust,broken friendship, failed relationship, absence of love within family,tough and rough upbringing e.t.c.

•How does inner hurt build up.

When we get our trust broken or our feelings hurt from broken relationships and all that,it leaves a large scar on our hearts that sometimes instead of forgiving and letting go,we just try to lock them up in a prison so to say in our minds but somehow at every events that occurs in the present, it reminds us of this past that was locked up and it fights to let loose from where we have been keeping it locked. Its visible signs are flaring up at little things,insecurities and many more.

• How to identify inner hurts

Before we think of taking the process of inner healing, we have to know the indicators of inner hurts

1. Inner rawness: there’s always a feeling of rawness from the inside that has just refused to go away. It keeps us feeling unfulfilled, not up to standard and immaturity. This feeling has a way of keeping us down and stopping us from growing and moving on.

2. Irritability: people who suffer from inner hurts are easily irritated at the acts or thoughts and words of others. A little awkward deed takes them to the edge and that will leave a negative prints and image of such one on the victims of their irritation.

3. Little or no tolerance: as a result of the inner hurts,victims of this become intolerant to want they demand from people. So once the people around them don’t behave as expected, they begin to have feelings of anger,resentment,hate e.t.c rising up from within and cause them to release bad energy.

4. Inability to feel loved and forgive: people with inner hurts find it difficult to receive the love flowing in from family and other people around them as a result of past experiences and events. It is more like a wall has been built around them to stop the flow of love reaching them

They also find it difficult to forgive themselves and almost impossible to love themselves and even others around them.

5. Anger towards God: they live with that feeling of blaming God for the things they went through in the past. The question his love for them and even His existence which doesn’t make Him not to be God but stops them from seeing anything good that God is doing in and within the

6. Work driven: victims of inner hurts get so work driven and have a thing for perfection so they can prove to anyone who ever underestimated them that they are worth more at the risk of building relationships. They shut everyone out and embrace only their job or work to take solace in them.

What then is the way out?

Inner hurts can’t be healed if we don’t accept that truly we are hurting inside. Thus,some crucial questions have to be asked by oneself to actually walk the path of healing. These questions include:

who is it that you hate or blame for your hurts

•what was the event that resulted in your injury

•what did the person do to you

• what have you done in the past that you are ashamed of

• do you really want to move on and heal.


  • Settle your issues with God first. Be ready to accept his love that he has offered on a platter of gold. He has taken upon us our hurts and grief and given is joy and a lighter yoke,all we have to do is accept of (Isaiah 53:4_5)
  • Be solution driven: that is be ready to get a solution to these wounds that have refused to heal and have a positive and open mind towards your healing process
  • Stop blaming those that offended and hurt us in the past. Its all in the past so just pick up the lesson and begin to move on.
  • Forget about vengeance and trying to prove to be good enough cos you are actually good enough.

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Hello guys,

I hope your weekend went well and you got a lot of vibes and energy to survive the coming working week.

I’ve been wanting to write on this even before my previous post but for some unknown reasons my mind wouldn’t let me but finally I’m doing it this week which is definitely a perfect timing. As youths,there’s something that takes a crucial part of our lives and that’s our finance or money so to say.

Money is a necessity and a currency for exchange and purchase of goods and services. It is also a legal tender,that is to say it has a legal backing to its use which allows it to be accepted universally and gives it value.

Its necessity cuts across from students to graduates and far more and it is interesting to know that this makes it sourcing a difficult and tough one since humans need it. It is so valuable that we can worship it and pursue after it completely and end wasted.

I listened to a man of God and he mentioned at there are ways we can be enriched or made wealthy by God and some of these ways are:

* he grants us access to knowledge and revelation: there are information and things that once are eyes are opened to,we will never be poor people. It just takes the right knowledge to set us on track to great wealth(Matthew 11:5).

* favour: this is getting from men what they need.its like I need a pen but something pushes me to give you that pen even when I need it. (Luke 2:52). Favour is a currency needed for true wealth.

* value: once humanity problem can not be solved by us then we don’t deserve money air any assets to be entrusted to us

Mistakes of youths in relation to their finances.

Young ones these days are always complaining of been broke or not able to afford certain stuffs they feel they need or want. This is as a result of wrong attitudes and mindset of theirs which has left them broke and always in need

ignorance is responsible for been broke.

Some of these mistakes made are as follows

  • Consistent borrowing: it is very common among youths to borrow. Students in school know this better cos they are either borrowing clothes or shoes or hair extensions and money which is the main deal. Its like they live on borrowing even when they have little left,they just want to have something more on them. I’m sure we have friends or know people who come to us today and borrow ten thousand or after two days,they come again asking for another amount. It’s getting so serious that we have to look for ways of dodging them so they don’t get to ask us to lend them stuffs.
  • Borrowing without pay back: this is the upgraded version of the first point. We see and know students or colleagues who borrow and decide not to pay back and since !most people who lend out money feel uncomfortable going back to be asking for the money cos they feel they borrowers should have courtesy to pay back at agreed time but too bad they guessed wrongly. These borrowers take money and begin to dodge and take different routes from those they collected money from instead of apologizing and asking for more time. Others even try to bully those who’s gave them the money whenever they approach them to ask for it. Its like saying ” why are you embarrassing me like this? How much is it sef that I borrowed that you have to meet me among my friends“?and all sorts of intimidating statements. This is so wrong and will keep us been broke. Others even go as far as just been so quiet about the whole thing thinking the are the clever ones.
  • Expensive,excessive and unnecessary spendings: from Brazilian hair to Gucci and Gabbanna wears and all sort even when we do not have a stable source of income and so not have enough money to get them. The ladies starve themselves to get expensive and useless stuffs in the aim of gaining attention while they are dying inside and the people they are trying to impress do not even Ask how much these stuffs cost. Guys temper with their school fees and do all sorts of wrong things just to keep up with the status quo.
  • Taking things on credit: this is common to the female folks. We see things and can’t help but just get them even when we don’t have the cash. We take those things and promise to pay once money comes in and then you find yourself spending the money your expecting even before it reaches your hand.

How do I avoid been broke?

1. Savings:

This sounds so easy but a lot of youths don’t and can’t even attempt doing. Once they alert comes in,they spend everything to the last penny. They do not save up for emergencies or other unforeseen circumstances. You need to try this cos it works plus I’ve tried it too.

2. Avoid borrowing:

By all means,we should try not to borrow at all from people but if need be once in a while and most importantly ensure we are able to pay back at the agreed time of payment otherwise hold yourself. This way you get to spend your money coming in in peace and not think of how to pay back debt which feels painful most times.

3. Get something doing

The fact you get monthly or weekly allowance from your parents doesn’t mean you should sit with hands folded and keep expecting. What happens when they are not able to send you any money? Will you rob a bank or go about begging along the streets or borrowing? Be an entrepreneur! Learn a skill and make profit from it. Students might say I’m in school I can’t think of a business plan. Come on, look around you,there’s got to be something you decide to distribute or make that can earn you money…get to it.

4. Make a budget:

This helps in distributing your income or allowance into the right and appropriate things and areas. This is keeping control of what your spending should be like. This way we are able to watch our spending and save from our income and allowances.

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Hey everyone, hope life is unveiling to us several lessons as to run by it.

Ice breaker:

Miss.X bumped into a guy who was so nice to people which included her. They exchanged digits and kept keeping in touch and then hanging out. An as usual,Miss X tells her girlfriends about her new guy whose got eyes for her. This kept on happen until he came by with his fiancé. She was hurt and rained curses on him with tears filled eyes. She felt deceived and used.

What really was the problem?

Relationships has to do with the communication or interaction between two or more persons. This might seem so casual to be defined and all but just like Miss X,undefined relationships have a way of leaving a stitch in our hearts,ruins once existing relationships.

We meet a lot of people on regular basis but few of Us really take time to sort out these people who come to our lives daily. Are they friends or do they want friendship or more.

Defined relationship doesn’t just come to play in romantic relationships, its goes way down to roommates, colleagues and much more. There are so many people pretending and leaving in their own worlds that they are some persons close friends while they are just casual friends.

when do I define my relationships

One should start defining his/her relationships once the motive behind the relationship is not clearly stated

Once strange and weird intimacy steps in for a relationship you think is at ‘ let’s just be friends ,you better start asking for clarity on the type of relationship before you get into something you don’t want and will be hard to recover from.

When you start to feel the urge of responsibility to someone,it’s high time you find out what the state of the relationship is. It should be clear what kind of relationship it is cos you can’t become obligated by your mind and emotions to do stuffs for someone and find out finally that you where just been a philanthropist not dating so to say.

views on defining relationships

A friend of mine said;

It’s necessary.. Super necessary to define relationships. Especially when u are not sure of the person’s real motive. Maybe the person is just super nice or maybe the person really likes u. Its good you define the relationship, before some unnecessary sense of duty starts popping up

Also,another line of thought on this is;

Don’t allow a lady date you in her mind, and also don’t allow a guy think you are his woman. He may start touching you anyhow one day or Some may stupidly go for a kiss. Can you imagine?

David E. Mentioned that,

“to avoid future disaster relationships should be defined right from the on set. This will help to let one know where the stand in people’s life and not attach too much value or attention to people whey are nothing to”.

Most ladies are too desperate for to date that at the slightest niceness of a guy,they feel his the one for them and Begin to have fantasies about someone who just wants friendship. Also some guys feel a lady can’t be free with you without demanding something more or intimacy so to say,then they begin to make passes and disrespectful touch and attempt. This comes in when the category of the relationship isn’t defined.

We have a lot of people in our lives right now that when asked who they are to us leaves us confused and speechless cos we haven’t given them a spot,so we end up giving the wrong set of people attention, shutting out the good ones and investing into a so called relationship that only exist in your own world.

We have roommates or colleagues who feel for been around us they have the right to intrude into our private lives like we are some close buddies but that shouldn’t be so. If you dont want their friendship, state it.

Things will be a lot better if we actually let people know how much they mean to us so they don’t get to struggle too hard for approval or struggle too hard that leaves them out of our lives.

dear,I’m James and I was wondering if we could be friends or reading partners

Hey Christy, I’ve watched you for a while and don’t know if I can have a chance to be your boyfriend…

Conversations like this wouldn’t kill us. Some young ones have friends of opposite gender and don’t know if they are emotionally attracted to them to just best friends cos they end up getting mad at them talking to other people of opposite sex. Save yourself the stress of hurt or jealousy and just ask, ” are we just friends or what”, “where do I stay in your life cos I can’t really say.”


When I don’t define my relationship with people, what happens to me? Or to the people I claim I love?

  • causes a breach in communication: this occurs when we make assumptions of things and not finding out in reality what it is. So you see cases of once close friendship now broken cos they only saw the relationship for what they wanted and not the needs of the other party.
  • Psychological disaster: this leads to us shutting people out of our lives for the mistake of something we could have stopped with questions for clarity. It leaves the heart broken and to some shocked that a friend of theirs saw them as a couple which is far from it.
  • Unnecessary expenses: for people we love so much,we start to feel obligated to buy them gifts,items,attach to much time to them,give relevance to them and not our close buddies anymore just to find out a t the end that there wasn’t really anything deep at least not from the partner’s end except yours. And since you took your views and thoughts to be same,you have to deal with the loss now.
  • Emotional pains: leaves one to broken and hurt to love again,too clouded by our past ability not to define our relationships before it went too far to see the love that comes from people and buddies that care for us too. We become what we never were.


When your starting whatever kind of relationship, ASK questions cos it wouldn’t hurt as it will when you don’t. When you ain’t getting the signs and signal he/she is giving… ASK

Also,from your end,learn to state out plainly what kind of relationship you have to offer. Is it casual friends, BFF,close buddies,boyfriend, fun partner, study mate and whatever it may be. After you’ve done your part and the second party isn’t forthcoming, you walk way!

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Drive:a step to success

Hey sugar pies

Many definitions are given to success by a lot of people based on their goals and aspirations. Unfortunately, many have ended their lives or gone to jail cos they pursued the wrong type of success.

Some say success is to being rich and owning lots of cars,women and fame. Success to others is popularity and wealth and to the small minds,it is wife, lots of children, maybe a motorcycle and a large harvest. To educative mind,it is bagging a first degree, move on to getting a master’s degree and even a doctorate degree in a prestigious institution or even go across borders. That’s so sad because true and real success is only one thing which is;

A life lived according to God’s master plan for our lives. True success is living a purposeful and purpose driven life.

Since we know what true success is,what then drives and fuels us through the road to success. There are various values and stuffs that drives us either to flames or safe landing.

The first thing that fuels us on our road to success is the knowledge of God. Knowing God and the extent of his abilities enables us to know for sure that if its success we want ,we sure an get it by knowing him.

Another thing that fuels us is our love for God. When we love God, there’s always a desire to please him even when we know we can’t do it ourselves and so depend on him completely. And guess what? As we love God, we get to access his dimensions of success and through principles become successful.

An important substance that drives us to success is friends. Are your friends small thinkers or great thinkers? Do they have goals or aspirations? Do they have a balance between fun and focus?

If the answer to these questions are No,then you’re definitely heading to flames and not a safe landing.

Lastly, your joy and pains. It might sound strange and all but seriously what makes you happy has a way of making you put your best to it. If music makes you happy, then study or work while the music is on and I’m sure you’ll shoot your best shot.

Then what pains or hurts you has a way of making you not to repeat the same mistake or mentality someone has. Therefore, you see yourself putting in conscious to make things right and achieve that goal you’ve always had .

This is just a tip of the iceberg a lot of us have in mind. So feel free to make comments on other things that helps drive us to

Thanks for taking time to read this up