Hey guys, it’s been a while and I’ve missed you all so much. Just so you know what has kept me away I’ll be sharing with you some of my NYSC camp experiences and of course pictures to allow enjoy these memories with me.

I was deployed to Borno state of Nigeria( I know that face you’re putting on🤭, you’re scared right?) Family, friends and all the people around me were scared and naturally I was supposed to refrain and redeploy but your girl was firm on going. It was a lot but I knew I needed to be at Borno state. I felt peace and had promises of the father so I was good to go.

Fortunately for me, been posted to Borno allowed me to also visit katsina state where she had a temporary camp site and I was there for 3 weeks. With different people from various parts of the country, it was fun and needed patience to associate with these people.

Lessons to learn, as regards our destination in life per time, ensure it is the voice of God you are listening to and not the voice and emotions of people around you. this will keep you on track.

Secondly, as you meet people, ensure light you carry does not become darkness. People who are light go to camp for service and hide their lights, some allow it grow dim but if anything, you should shine brighter in the midst of darkness.

Another lesson to learn is that you will see people who say they love God and pray well and all but the life is absent in them. You see those people, fear them o because they will lead you to become overly conscious of sin and then sin.

Lastly,no fall for camp love🤣🤣🤣. Camp love can be messed up which doesn’t mean true love can’t be found on camp but be sure it’s not your hormones pulling you to someone or the fear of being lonely in a new land. Because I tell you, some just need people to keep them warm especially in a place like katsina where I camped…..it was cold I tell you 😂.

At this point enjoy the photo gallery 🙂😊😊

Thanks for reading through and going through picture memories with me. I love and there’s nothing you can do about it. Don’t forget to share, like and comment.


valentine special


Hey guys, how are you doing?. It’s been a while though and valentine is coming so fast. This year seems to have higher pressure on the singles and everyone is making it seem you have to do something not to be left behind when others are getting Valentine gifts🤣. But fear not for you are not alone 🤣.

Just yesterday while talking with some friends, we got to realize that love is not just a word but a nature. It’s something we must and should become. Things will be a lot easier in building godly relationships and marriages if we begin to become love and then act it out expressly.

Thus, in a way to summarize love and remind us of it, here’s 1 corinthians 13.

The Way of Love

13 If I speak with human eloquence and angelic ecstasy but don’t love, I’m nothing but the creaking of a rusty gate.

2 If I speak God’s Word with power, revealing all his mysteries and making everything plain as day, and if I have faith that says to a mountain, “Jump,” and it jumps, but I don’t love, I’m nothing.

3-7 If I give everything I own to the poor and even go to the stake to be burned as a martyr, but I don’t love, I’ve gotten nowhere. So, no matter what I say, what I believe, and what I do, I’m bankrupt without love.

Love never gives up.
Love cares more for others than for self.
Love doesn’t want what it doesn’t have.
Love doesn’t strut,
Doesn’t have a swelled head,
Doesn’t force itself on others,
Isn’t always “me first,”
Doesn’t fly off the handle,
Doesn’t keep score of the sins of others,
Doesn’t revel when others grovel,
Takes pleasure in the flowering of truth,
Puts up with anything,
Trusts God always,
Always looks for the best,
Never looks back,
But keeps going to the end.

8-10 Love never dies. Inspired speech will be over some day; praying in tongues will end; understanding will reach its limit. We know only a portion of the truth, and what we say about God is always incomplete. But when the Complete arrives, our incompletes will be canceled.

11 When I was an infant at my mother’s breast, I gurgled and cooed like any infant. When I grew up, I left those infant ways for good.

12 We don’t yet see things clearly. We’re squinting in a fog, peering through a mist. But it won’t be long before the weather clears and the sun shines bright! We’ll see it all then, see it all as clearly as God sees us, knowing him directly just as he knows us!

13 But for right now, until that completeness, we have three things to do to lead us toward that consummation: Trust steadily in God, hope unswervingly, love extravagantly. And the best of the three is love.

Be light

So as the word love is thrown in the air in this season, ensure you check if it’s love or something else with the criteria above because I tell you talk is cheap but love is a way of life.

In the vibe of giving out gifts💫, here’s a gift from me to you. It’s a letter from an amazing personality to his unborn children 🤭

To my unborn children, 😍

I will like you all to read this when you grow up, especially when you could understand what is in here, knowing fully well that this is from my heart.I’ve written so many things to and about people; several articles, motivational and spiritual but writing this to you my children seem to be a very big difference for me but I’m as well excited to write this to you, child. Before you all were here, I could remember your mum and I would talk so much about you; what you’ll look like, your first clothe, first school, your dedication, she even suggest names for each of you 😊I’ll like to say that I love y’all so much. I know you’re a destiny and miracle child. You were not just asked for, you were prayed for by I and your mother!I pray I will be able to support you in the right decisions you make with God will helping me to teach you and lead you in the way He wants you to; you’re not a mistake – Under God, y’all are great children taking after your father in learning and excellence and after your mother in multitasking and brilliance!I hope to be a very close friend to you; your best friend and confidant; being able to open up to me in whatever situation you are in, starting from school rush, friends in school, crushes on boys/girls (smiles), boyfriend/girlfriend, first day of menstruation for our daughter, first kiss, your relationship with God, and many more.To be there for you always and know me well to understand my ways.


Discipline as a core factor in training will not be withheld from you all but to teach you “life” Listen children, our world is not ordinary and you cannot live it on your own wise, many have their turf apportioned by themselves to themselves but we have one who owns all – and that is who makes it extraordinary for those who trust him – he’s Jesus!I promise under God to as your father provide and be a shield – physical and spiritual to you all as best as I can. Understand that everyday is filled with its own challenges, I want you all to be comfortably open to I and your mum; about your “going throughs”; people never get to really know what you want from what you need; sometimes you have to speak high.God loves you so much and talk to Him daily (per time, per seconds), God hears you always. And know that God has a purpose for you which your father and I know and believe you will fulfill.

To the best of my ability, I won’t be a hindrance to what you are meant to be but a guide never to make a wrong choice.You’re born into a divine family, with the core of fulfilling and establishing God’s mandate here on earth! Children, don’t do less!I cannot exhaust my heart to you with this particular letter but I hope you find God’s solace in it from the earth of a loving father!And your mother loves you very much!With love From a loving father.#mikedivinemandate ,2021

From me to you

Don’t let anything make you settle for less in the name of searching for love. You are ROYALTY and a PEARL. Don’t sell yourself short or give yourself to pigs.

HAPPY VALENTINE TO YOU IN ADVANCE. DON’T LET ANYTHING STOP YOU FROM MAKING JESUS PROUD! No relationship is worth making Jesus sad and hurt, he has feelings so don’t hurt him with that wrong and ungodly union. Be sure to like, comment and SHARE❣️



Trust him, yes You.

Hey guys, how are you doing and how’s the weekend too? So I’ll be sharing something light but also vital in this season where God is choosing and making men by taking them through process and dealings. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying’ trust the process’, but I’m here to say also that trust the God of the process.

Imagine I desired a G- wagon car model and I got the opportunity to get it with the condition of getting a driver who could drive it well. I know the model is great but to get what I desire I must get a worthy driver to get me what I want. So it is with getting to our destination in life, we must get God and trust him to get us there because anyone can drive but not anyone knows the right direction to our destination.

He has said it.

I know you’ve made a draft of where you should be in the next five or more years or you’ve had dreams like Joseph of where God is taking you which is just a glimpse of the big picture, but if you don’t like Joseph also believe God and his word, the process will make a monster out if you. Here’s why you should trust the God of the process as much as you trust the process;

• The process comes with specificity to the uniqueness of the individual: as unique and different as we are and purpose are, so is our process. Thus, a process aimed at teaching you discipline may come in different ways to different people but with the same ability to produce discipline in them because it is one instructor.

‘ At the end of the day, it’s not just the process that counts but the driver behind the process’. _ K.Bado blog.

No fear.

• The only thing that remains constant is God: people go through a lot everyday. It’s like going to the hospital sick with fever and you go right in and see cases of people who worse and critical conditions than yours. so your dependence should first be on the driver ( God)and not the car( process). Just in case the process decides to work something else out, the constant God is there to keep it in check.

He knows the destination

Finally, the process is a vehicle to looking like the driver behind it: it means that the process we are subjected to is in line with our weaknesses and that which will be worked out in us to produce the life of christ. So what matters is not what your process physically looks like or if it seems less hurtful than mine but what actually matters is that christ is formed in and through you. The current of the Storm life/the process pushes at you might be more than you budgeted for, but the God behind the process has inherent in him possibilities and the capacity to sail you through the tides successfuly. Don’t go around comparing yourself to another, its called the process for a reason, because it looks like the destination of who it is allocated to. Who’s your driver anyways cos if it’s God, you definitely should trust him but if not change the driver!

‘ The result of a man who trusts just in the process and not the God behind it is a confused and lost man’._K.Bado blog

Do you trust Him?

Thanks so much for taking out time to read. I hope you’ve been blessed. Don’t forget to like, comment and SHARE🤭. Someone out there needs this badly. How can I forget this 🙆,I love you! Yes, YOU❣️



Dear baby 💗

Hey guys. It’s yet another weekend and I’m excited publishing the second episode of father to unborn child letter series. These letters have given me cause to look deep and see how prepared I am to take part in norturing these cute babies. I hope it has the same effect on you and even more. Just so warn you, the guys behind these letters are quite expressive 🤐.💃💃💃


I love you child

I’ve never thought for once that I’m going to write a letter to you. Because I thought my child need to be taught, trained and shown the kind of life I wanted for him when he has grown up. However, I am writing this to you as a proof of my commitment and loyalty to your success and influence in life.I will be a foolish father if I failed to show you the way of the Lord. If I leave your knowledge, understanding and relationship with God to chance because of increasing growth in technology and opportunities in our world, I will surely regret it. I love you child, but it’s not possible for me to show you ways to influence and success in life without showing you the way of the Lord.Child, just as I walk with God and obey Him in all things, you must never do otherwise when you grow up. You must fortify and equip yourself with the word (Bible) for you to survive the wickedness and persecution that will stand in your way. And the only person capable to help you through the challenges of this world is Jesus Christ. You must know Him personally and give your life to Him.I can’t promise it’s going to be a smooth journey, but I am so sure that things are going to fall in place if you commit yourself to what is necessary in life. You have to understand the difference between an opportunity and a distraction so that you will not waste your time and effort on what is not important and of no value to you.Your mother and I want you to become a light that will lighten many souls when you grow up. We want you to be a purpose driven child that gives hope to all the hopelessness through your gifts and skills. Be rest assure that we (your mother and I) are going to create a room and support system for your gift to flourish in life. Remember not to compromise your value and faith as you are chasing your dreams. Make sure that you obey all the written laws and regulations governed the land you found yourself. Never become a rebel, instead create your own rules. The fact that no one has ever done it before doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. Just make sure that it is ethical and lawful before you lay your hand on it. My dad and mum, which are your grandfather and grandmother were poor. They trained and raised me through debts and distress till I graduated from the Higher Institution of learning. Yet I don’t hate men. I didn’t ignore men anytime they called on me for help. My unborn child, I want you to be a cheerful giver. I want you to help others. I want your life to become a proof of God’s love to men. If anyone hurt you, be angry. Let the person know that they offended you. If they ask for forgiveness, forgive them and move on. Please never revenge and bounce back at anyone who sin against you.As you journey through life, you will encounter many challenges and setbacks just as it happened to me and your mother. But never be discouraged. Never give up because these challenges are the life activities that will build and stretch you in other to become your real you. Don’t forget that it is only your mother that I have. I don’t have a side chick neither a concubine because your mum is the best lady I will ever meet in my life. She’s beautiful and endowed with God’s wisdom. I want you to follow my footstep on marriage. Marry a Godly, beautiful and prudent wife. A wife that you can be glad to show to the world anywhere and anytime without shame. A wife that will not fight you when things are tough. Instead marry a wife that believe in you, which will stay besides you and fight along side with you against any challenges that may arise in your journey. I want you to embrace your siblings. Live as one and make sure that you don’t allow any external force to come between you. I will continue to love you irrespective of your gender and skin color. May the grace of the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and my father abide with you in Jesus Christ name. Amen!Yours,Oluwole Oyewole .


I no more call you child but KING

I NO MORE call you a child but my KING, my HERITAGE and the STRENGTH of my might. What more shall I say to you dear? Just as the first word of every father to the child is to pronounce blessing, I maximize this day, 22nd January, 2021 to pronounce blessings upon your life: in blessing you are blessed, in multiplication you shall multipy, and in dominion, you shall dominate your world in Jesus name. (Say three (3) Amen). Dear child, permit me to tell you about a great woman and a fantastic blogger, someone who has not only found her unique path in destiny, but also striving to see it fulfilled. Keturah has given me this great and public opportunity to take up a challenging challenge of documenting this piece of message to you. I promise not to take her for a ride neither will I take this public opportunity for granted. Much thanks to you Keturah.My King/Queen, I want you to know that your coming to this world is for a unique purpose and that’s why your mother and I will love to sincerely express our Immense gratitude FIRST to God, who has given us a precious gift like you, and to you for coming at this appointed time to fulfill the great destiny and purpose of God that awaits you. Without much ado, I have just three (3) things to tell you my precious heritage. Beyond every other inheritance that you are entitle to, I want you to value these unperishable sayings of mine. Read them over and over again and please, never forget to pass it on to the fourth generation.Before I continue, your mother and I will love to maximize this great opportunity to specially express our unconditional love for you, being one of the divine reason for our togetherness; that’s the fruit of our union. Our love for you can and will never be traded for gold or silver, neither will your place in our precious hearts be replaced with anything. Dear EMIOLA junior, always remember that Daddy and Mummy loves you more than you do.First and foremost, I may not be able to share with you all of my personal life particularly my relationship with God. But I hope that with this little piece and the ones you will live to witness, will prepare and motivate you not just to be better and greater than me but to witness the existing records and set greater ones for generations ahead of you. Mind you, the joy of every parents lies in success of their child(ren).I have always carry a peculiar passion for God and the things of His kingdom. My quality relationship with God gave me an encounter with destiny of which the Transformation Mandate (a knowledge based platform of empowerment, commissioned to transforming lives into the image of God), GloriousAmos Transformation (a body with different branches, saddled with the purpose of transforming lives; by helping people discovering their God’s ordained purpose, and raising agents of transformation) couple with my mainline stewardship profession as a means to promoting God’s kingdom via tireless service to humanity. My love and passion for God remains unquenchable.Also, I’m sure you will be happy to hear that your grand father, who happened to be my own father is the frontline of our Christian experience and our mentor in the faith. This is because his own father who happened to be my own grand father was a notable and prominent traditional idol worshipper. But glory to Jesus, your grand father broke up from that idolized generation and set the pace of our Christian journey which has been a glorious experience from one level to another. It’s my prayer that this glorious journey will not fail in your hand until we meet again in the glorious home that awaits us.Secondly my precious gift, it is important I remind you that your coming to this world is for a unique and distinct reason. You are created in the image and likeness of God for a specific purpose well known to God. You’re not on earth to be wondering around neither are you meant to be confused as to what you are on earth for. Just as I have shared with you: my passion, love and relationship with God gave me an encounter with God’s purpose is for my life and destiny. For this end was I born and for His course came I to the world. I pray you find your path right and early in life in Jesus name. Amen. Finally, I won’t want to tell you that in this world, you will surely meet and relate with different kinds of people with different behavior and attitude; both in faith and in fulfilling God’s purpose. You will pass through some thick and thin of life and be face with many trials and temptations. All these have been and will continue to be -but dear, the good news is be of good cheer because Jesus Christ has overcome all. Just be strong and be of good courage.In conclusion, I write to you in this 21st century generation; 22nd January, 2021. I thank God for the generation that I am in to write you a letter my King/Queen. Though there are many things I will have loved to write you, but most importantly, I commend you to GOD and to THE WORD of His grace which is capable (in itself) to build you up and to give you your inheritance among all men. Much Love❤ from your Dad,Papa Amos EMIOLA.

At this point, there’s something about letting things flow from the heart, they tend not to have an end. May your love for Jesus be from the heart. Let’s continue 🔥


love the Lord

Dear Unborn Child,I know it may seem funny and unbelievable to you that I am writing you this letter even before I am married to your mother-to-be. But it is important that I do this now so that you can know how much I have anticipated your coming into my world. Do know this always that you are a precious gift to me which the Lord has given to be trained and modelled in His love. You are never to be looked down upon by anyone. You are bright and beautiful because you are uniquely and wonderfully made by the Creator, so do not ever accept to see yourself as an inferior to others. You possess the God-kind of life in you and this makes you alive in all aspects of life. The loving nature of God dwells in you which makes it prohibited for you to hate your fellow man for any reason. Do not allow the seed of hatred germinate in your heart no matter what humans do to you.More so, remember that you have come to achieve a purpose assigned by the Creator, therefore be ready to glean from the godly wisdom of those that have been before you. Do not try to face life all alone. Seek out for God more as He watches you always and never neglect or ignore your parents in a bid to seek for the ungodly advice of an outsider. After God in your life, your parents are next, honour and revere them, they mean a whole lot to you.And when you start growing to the age of making choices like that of career and marital partner, do not leave God out and also listen to godly counsel. Love the Lord with all your soul in which love is the fulfilling of the law and thy days shall be blessed. Set values for yourself to live by and never compromise your faith in God for any reason. Live simple and impactful. Do not withhold kindness from those around you no matter how small it may be. And always remember that your dear parents love you passionately and we will do everything Godly to help you become all that God has sent you to become. We are living to leave a legacy behind which is that of impacting lives by maximizing potentials, never live short of this. All I want to tell you cannot be contained in this short letter, but be rest assured that when you come, you’ll experience love at its best.Love from your dad, Olorunfemi Akin-Olowoyo.


Dad is a sinner saved my grace✨

Dear Unborn Child,I have always envisioned what it will be like having you in some years time… if the Lord wills. And it is with great delight that I write this letter to you which I hope you will read someday.You see, dear one, my greatest goal in life is the pursuit of the glory of God and my greatest desire and prayer for you is that you join me in that pursuit; for only when you live for God’s glory will your life have true meaning and will you experience real happiness that I earnestly wish for you.As your father, my primary concern will be to train you in the way of the Lord and to teach you his ways from the scripture. Be sure that I will create a learning environment for you that will encourage you to ask questions about whatever troubles you. You will never be hushed into blindly believing anything without being given good reasons to. On a final and important note, let me let you in on a little secret about daddy: he is a sinner saved by grace. This means that he’s not perfect and so you have to exercise caution as you look up to him as your model because daddy can disappoint. If you want to avoid disappointment dear one, look up to the one daddy is looking up to — God. Your Dad, Mark.

Finally for this episode of father to unborn child letter series 💃💃, here’s the last letter for today. Gain insight.



Oh my darling, I hope you’re able to read this as soon as you can. I believe you’re going to be smart and brainy, because your mother will be very intelligent (since I know intelligence can be hereditary). So after reading this piece, please act your roles accordingly and probably keep a copy with you, if need be. I want you to know that I am ready to provide you the necessary mentality, mindset and enabling environment for your healthy physical, social and psychological growth. I wasn’t denied plays with my childhood friends at any point in time and that has really helped me a lot.I enjoyed those moments and sometimes reminiscence happily. You will have the same privilege too, as long as it’s very safe for you.You have to be obedient to your mum and I, and other respectable elderly persons around. When you take instructions, make sure you check if they are morally okay before you carry them out (especially from outsiders). Be able to think without external influence, but let your home training be your bedrock and guidelines for thinking things through. “Bad company corrupts good manners”, and that is why you have to be extremely careful of friends you keep and the what people in your circle do. I am not saying you should not be trendy, but be careful that it turns out well and without affecting your manners and personality as a whole.You will acquire extra informal skills aside from your formal education. I see parents discourage their kids from drawing and painting, dancing (“too much”), talking (“a lot”) and doing things which are natural, but that they have decided to dislike. But for me, I’ll help your harness your strength for your advantage. Show us your talents, where you’re good at, or what you’re comfortable with, and you’ll see that nothing is wrong with you because you talk too much, or you dance too much and don’t concentrate in school as a result. You don’t have to be the best in your class, just be average and focusing your energy on your potential career right from primary school is enough. It’ll be very nice and expected of you to be at least a sport-oriented. I won’t be with you always but I’ll cheer you on whenever I am round, take my words for that.One thing I hate is comparison and don’t expect that from me at all. I won’t compare you with other kids or your siblings. The worst I can do is compare your past and present time for progress check. Now, don’t do the same for me.Let me tell you this, I hate food wastage. That was the way I was brought up and it’s already in me- like Peak milk. It’s okay if you can’t eat a particular meal but you won’t waste any food, learn that already. It’s also fine to have pets, as long as everybody in the family is comfortable with it. You will have to understand and communicate with me in Yoruba language, I see that as a top priority (pardon my patriotism to my mother tongue).Right now, your dad isn’t mentally stable because he still lives in his father land. But he wants to work out how he will leave Nigeria so that he won’t have to raise you up there, because the country is currently in mess. Even if you’re my first biological child reading this, it’s very possible that you have an elder sibling or even siblings already.You’ll get to love your mum when you grow up to know her more, you’ll surely love your dad because he is ready to give you the best too.Thanks to Auntie Bado Keturah that made me write this for you in advance. This letter isn’t enough, you’ll get to know more that I have in stock for you when you’re here. Till when you get to read this, keep flexing wherever you are. I hope you didn’t get bored though. Maximum love,Iyanul’oluwa, your lucky dad.

🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭. These fathers have so much to say that it feels like I’m restricting them. I hope you enjoyed reading these letters. please let me know if we should give the guys another opportunity to say more in the comment session, like and share please. Thank you and I love you 😍.

We can’t do it alone, we need you babe❣️

It’s Dad+God+Mum= Godly seeds❣️❣️


Dear child 😘


Hey guys😁. Happy weekend! I believe you’re enjoying the weekend and with these letters coming in, it definitely will add spice to it. So, the male folks have made up their mind to show how prepared they are also to welcome their unborn kids and I sure couldn’t let the opportunity to publish it pass. So let’s skip to the go part💃💃.



Dear Future Kids, I have written many open letters on Facebook to different people — Youth Leaders, Math Teachers, Table Shakers, and even my future sister-in-law! — but while I’ve always envisioned life with you, I didn’t get the nudge to write an open letter to you. Thanks to Keturah and her fantastic blog, I have accepted her challenge to write this piece and I promise to make sure you read them as soon as you develop the needed reading skills. It is my great desire that you pass this letter on to your own kids, and instruct them to pass it on to their kids, and let it go on to all generations to come. Dear kids, you are GOD’s perfect gift to your mum and I. We are the #DynastyRoyals and it is GOD’s own pleasure to bless us with kids who have the royal genes and will serve as His vessels to make our Dynasty flourish. Hey kids, our SOURCE is not of this world. We are GOD’s own special people, His chosen treasure, His ambassadors on earth, His lightbearers, and His daily delight. His NAME and IDENTITY are permanently engraved on us, according to His good pleasure. That is why we get our daily nourishment in the Written Word, in utmost honour of the Living Word, strengthened by our Loving Lord as we fellowship in the Living Spirit. When you face life’s struggles, face them with courage and rest assured in GOD’s promises to help you through the fire and waters of this world. Never ever trust your own skills or strengths to pull through the waves that rock your boat. Rather, totally trust in and always pray to GOD for security, speed, supply, and strength, as He leads you through life.There are many choices you will have to make in life, kids. One of them is the choice of your pathway to getting the things you need in life. I have lived before you and I must pass wisdom on to you. Never forfeit a lasting blessing for instant gratification. Be careful to watch how you react based on your emotions. I promise to guide you on your choice of friends, and I trust GOD that you’ll cooperate well with me as He blesses us with discernment. I also promise to help you discover your natural strengths and giftings, so you can develop and deploy them to the glory of GOD and for the progress of humanity. In our Dynasty, your ideas and talents will be given attention, expression and expansion. Your mum and I are consciously building a conducive and peaceful home for you, where you will get enough platforms for growth in all areas. We are intentional about shapening you to serve as good models for your generation.There are many dangers in this world. True friendship is scarce, but you should decide to be true friends to others. Truth is becoming more of an enemy than friend to many people; but you must always stand with and for the truth. It’s becoming abnormal and irritating to live and act righteously, but since our DNA is righteousness, we just have no choice than to live it out. There’s no promise that it will be easy, but you must know that it is worthwhile. In fact, that’s the ONLY way to live well for GOD, since He works in us and through us everyday. Nothing beats righteous living. Nothing.Your mum and I love you wholeheartedly, and that’s a healthy addiction we will embrace. We won’t deprive you of godly discipline or fantastic rewards. However, I have a personal request. You must have heard the statement “Nourishing the total man” from me many times. That is my passion. I request that you add this to your list of passions too, as it is a commendable and recommendable virtue. And because of what we trust GOD to turn your lives into, we have a confidence that we shall smile joyfully on our deathbeds. Your Dad, Victor FAWOLE#DynastyKing


Dear baby,

I know you can’t wait to come to this world. I know you can’t wait to tell daddy what the creator has told you about me and how a great privilege for me to be your father and you to Me my child. I know you can’t wait to see your beautiful mum and I and how you have thought deep within you to come and put smiles on our faces, I know you can’t wait to bring the solution of the problem you were created to solve on the earth. Dear baby all you have thought and how you’re full of enthusiasm of will come to stay. But one thing I will tell you as a father is the earth is not as stable as the heaven and their so many evils and wickedness on the earth. One thing I will say again is when you drop from your mums belly please don’t close your eyes and say good bye because of pain and the evil, we eagerly await your arrival because the earth has prayed for you to stay; you are the saviour we await, you are cure to our pain, you are the glory to our shame, you need make no matter the pain, you need to persevere matter the hardship, one thing I will tell you is quitters never win and winners never quit, stay strong all the process and bring smile on our faces, we love you.

Like guys, these men are not even smiling at all🤭. I’m I the only one feeling how intentional these men are through these letters 🤔🤔.



Dear unborn child,
I truly cannot explain the feeling in me as I write this now. There are so many thoughts running through my mind right now.
Notwithstanding, I am really excited writing this to the one who I’ll someday call my child. I want you to know how precious and adorable you are to us.
I am already proud and feeling privileged to be your father, knowing fully that an answer, a liberator, a colossus😁😁, a leader on the earth realm will be born into my house, raised by fiery and loving parents and will be called my child.
I can’t wait to teach you the ways of the Lord. I long to see you sit beside your mother, learning the ways of birthing nations. I always see the days when you will challenge your mother and I in the ways and Words of the Lord and prayer. Malakataaa 🔥🔥🔥.
I love you so so so much I can’t explain. The thoughts of you made me learn the ways of fatherhood. It made me live right, work hard just to be a good mentor to you.
Don’t have trouble arriving Earth because we have and are making things easier for you. Don’t be afraid of evil cycles, my darling and I have conquered them. You’ll be proud to call us your parents, you will not experience a fighting home… (You are too precious to be in that atmosphere).
I can keep writing until there’s no space.
Let me “warn” you😅😅… I love my darling wife so much. So even as she houses you in that glorious atmosphere called womb, don’t ever kick her (she doesn’t like stress), don’t make her eat in the market please (she’s a woman with principles 😁) and lastly, don’t make her insult me when she’s bringing you to this world (she’s in love with me and she will slap your small chick if she realizes she did that because of you😅😅😅).
I love you sweetheart!!!

Fiery father🔥🔥


Oh my dearest,

I sincerely can’t wait to have you look beyond the walls of that womb. You are beyond an answer to my need, you are an answer to a Generation.Together with your mum; my baby gal❤️, we will milk your life into maturity, introduce you to the government of God and Get you fired up with the HolyGhost. Your coming will not be a surprise to us, we would have secured the details of your destiny already baby( it may have been handled even😎). Trust me you wouldn’t want to be part of any other lineage as one with your both parents being your best of mentors and buddies😇. we promise to be that👩‍❤️‍👨. I’m preparing daily to ensuring that I gather enough meat to feed you as you mature into the reality of your ordination in Christ Jesus, and I am pretty sure mummy is doing same( conditioning her belly for your arrival: her knees though🙃) I hope I knew her already, but it’s all good.My little voyage in time tells me the world was not designed for our permanent habitation. We’ve got an eternal abode: heaven ( I’m sorry I’m letting you know this so early🤓, I hope to keep you reminded by my life as a living Epistle and a worthy light shining in our home front).Mummy will not withhold the rod if need be, just be ready 🤓( I hope there be no need)…just know that if there will be a need, it is the peak of Love from parents who are under the Government of God…I just can’t wait enough for your arrival 😀, but at the Same time I’m not fully ready. There’s still much to learn, so you don’t regret coming okay❤️🥰🥰.

Your dádä in waiting😘.

Dada in waiting ☺️

OMG🤭🤭, these letters are out if this world. It surely has been gotten from somewhere deeper 🤔. God may this fathers to be not meet strange women who will thwart the destinys of these babies.

Thats a wrap for today’s series of father to unborn child. Be sure to stop by and check up the next episode of it. Be sure to like, comment and share, you really don’t want to withhold good stuff 😁.



Letters to my unborn children

Hey everyone 😁. I trust you are doing fine and your week went well in the midst of the stress and tight schedule. It’s another episode of mothers to be speaking and making declarations to their unborn children. I pray as you read these letters,it stirs up inside of you to be intentional about your children and that which God will have them become. Let’s jump right into the letters for today💃💃💃

#Letter 5

Dear unborn child,I already love you just thinking about you. You’re my precious gift,You are like the ray of sunlight heralding the dawn!The laughter and joy you bring is so different, nothing else can generate it.Your kicks synchronizes with the beat of the heart,Yours, mine and your Dad’s entertwined. I write from my heart, and I will read this to you untill you can read it yourself.!

Love, Mother.

#Letter 6

Dear Unborn Child You are my everything, yes my everything. I have been pregnant for you for days now it seems as eternity. To be sincere I have gone through alot because of you, beyond alot…my travails, my cry, my burdens, my thoughts, my life and my all. I’ve had to stop a lot of things which I used to do because of your coming.I want to keep you safe, but my safe doesn’t mean that you won’t be birthed because you definitely will. Don’t worry I will go through this pains for you because I know you a holy nation, a perculiar treasure. God has alot in store for you . Love you😍😍.

It’s like today’s mothers are those ones that will be acting calm calm but inside them the burdens they carry for their seeds are heavy o🙌. Back to the letters 😂…

#Letter 7

Dear future baby,❤️❤️If it’s pain I’m ready to go through for you to come through because the father has said that you will be Arrows in the quiver. I love you so much and I’ll love to let you know that your mum isn’t an ordinary woman on earth and so you can’t be that’s a basic knowledge. I can’t wait to teach you about the father ,I promise you the direct way of life ,no religion but only Christianity. I’m excited that you will be from my womb 😊I promise to be a friend ,a lover ,a scara baby ,I wouldn’t be a stranger to you I’ll love you with all that I desire ,I promise to tell you the truth , I promise to show you the cross , I promise to show you the way to live life ❤️❤️ through grace and mercy and there are so many things I’ll love to tell you but words can’t carry them 🥺but I promise to be the sweetest mum you would have omo you will slay sha🤧😂! In the Holy Ghost and your coming through my womb for an assignment of possibilities you can’t be ordinary; get that in your spirit man you are here for possibilities I mean possibilities I love you so much . Love from mama❤️❤️

#Letter 8

Mummy loves you.❣️

Dear future unborn child, I just want to let you know that mummy loves you so much. I’ve been dreaming of the day I’ll finally see your beautiful face and trust me when I say that with God’s help, I’ve been preparing myself to be a wonderful mother to you. I’ll never get tired of telling you how much I love you. I know that you’ll be really great. Much greater than I’ll ever be. I want you to live your life according to God’s terms.Mummy is fighting and in fact, mummy has fought so that you won’t have to go through all she has gone through. I promise you that I’ll support your dreams, I’ll listen to you, I’ll play with you, I’ll discipline you when the need comes, I’ll never compare you to others and I’ll be your confidant. I promise to be there for you as a mom and a friend. Just do this for me. Don’t compare yourself to anyone, don’t focus on fitting in. You’re too great for that. Don’t get into too much trouble. Have fun but always be eternity conscious. There’s so much I want to tell you. I can’t wait for the day that I’ll finally hold you in my arms. But one thing I want you to NEVER forget is this; There’s Someone mummy loves more that anything and anyone in this world. There’s someone that mummy has given her entire life to and His name is Jesus. My love, all I can give to you is my Jesus. I want you to love Him and give Him your entire life. Love Him even more than you love me. He’s the only one that can truly grant you all your heart’s desires. He’s the only one that can always be there for you regardless. I can’t promise you that I can meet up to that standard. Anyway my darling, right now, mummy is still very single😂. But I’m very sure that wherever your daddy is, He loves you very much. We both love you and we want you to always remember that you are royalty. You’re a god. You’re a child of the Most High God. So live with that understanding. I will always love you my baby. Love, mummy❤️.

These babies hear the words of your mothers as they come alive on your inside. These words carry life and become active and real in you.😍. Dear spiritual brother, align o and discern which one is your child here o. ( You can know her now via the baby 😉). So here’s an extra token letter to wrap up this episode


Dada and mama loves you earnestly ❣️

Dear unborn child, you are beautiful. My first letter to you are prayers I carry for you. I pray that you will love Jesus recklessly, your eyes see beyond the physical, your hands handle the supernatural, your ears hear sounds of the heavenly, your spirit intercourses with divinity. I declare that you reveal a dimension of the father, you discern largely even when you chuckle, those smiles will light up the hearts of men, your eyes will carry fire, your body host the presence of Elohim, your mouth speak forth eternal wisdom and you will legislate the reign of God. You are not permitted to be normal o because your mum is so not normal. She’s a blend or beautiful and fire-ful. Mummy loves daddy so much, she carries him in heart everyday and she knows he’ll show up when it’s time. Daddy loves you too so much, he can’t wait to carry you in his arms and introduce you to mysteries and depth. Ah, I bless you. Generations will celebrate your birth. For eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, neither has it come to the heart of anyone what God is set to do in and through you. Yours for who I travail, mama❣️.

At this point I hope you’re muttering words of prayers for the seeds you carry on your inside be it children or gifting because they come alive now. Thanks for stopping by, I hope to see you next time. Be sure to like, comment and share to everyone you know 😁

Anticipate letters to my unborn child from our daddies to be 🙈🙈🙈.

Let’s share the grace 🤣🤣🤣



Hey guys☺️, happy new year! I hope I’m not the only one who’s excited about the year because it promises to be an exciting one I tell you. So in the spirit of the new year and it’s packages, I got a nudge to do a series for our unborn children just like the previous series on dear future wife and husband ( if you haven’t seen it be sure to go back and check my previous post😁).

So many people envision their future life partners and pray for them but not their kids, why is that? Get ready to be swept by love through this compilations of letters from mothers to be who are intentional about the life of their children. The wom(b)en will be starting this exciting journey. Watch the space because you just might get a special package from heaven inside you and now we move💃💃💃.


Dear unborn child

Dear future seed,

Every good and perfect gift comes from the Lord, and I know that you’re God’s gift to me. Over the years I’ve learnt that children are an heritage of the Lord and I look forward to rocking you in my arms, holding you, praying for you and caring for you the way a mother should.Yes I know I’ll birth you with so much ease because that’s God’s promise to me concerning you and I can’t wait for you to launch me into the joy of motherhood.In the years to come, I will protect you, take care of you, love you, teach you so much and nurture you in the way of the Lord. I know you’re a shining light and a shining light you shall be.I want you to know that I am so looking forward to meeting you, and that I want the good tidings and joy you will bring in my life and that of your father on your arrival. As I await your coming, I want you to know that I can’t wait to have you in my arms and watch you grow into God’s glorious destiny for your life. The Lord has always told me that you and your siblings will bring us joy as you gather around our table. You all shall be promising as young olive shoots and yes all God’s promises for your lives shall be fulfilled.I can’t wait to feel your gentle kicks in my belly as I carry you in me each day till your birth day. I can’t wait to feel your sweet moves in me each passing day till your delivery.As I sit here to write this letter to you, I lay my hands on my belly and I pray for you that your coming to the earth is to fulfill the purpose of God for your life, you know the Lord and you’re taught of the Lord. You grow in wisdom and in stature, in favour with God and man. You’re a Trailblazer and a Pacesetter. You are innovative, productive and creative. You will make I and your father proud always, you’re a blessed child and you bring us joy in the name of Jesus. Amen.Hey baby, I love and cherish you already and I know you’re coming forth very soon.With so much love from your mother ❤️. Written by Esther Adesegun


Dear baby

Dear unborn child 🥰❤
Oh wow just having the thought that you would be MY VERY OWN CHILD is giving me goosebumps. Let me start by saying Mummy loves you so much and she is blessed to have you as her baby♥️.
Sweetheart I am so happy because I know that you will grow in wisdom daily and you will always find favour both with God and men. I am sure that you will grow up loving God (goosebumps 😘). Once again I love you so much baby♥️.
Dear child, mummy will go extra miles to see that you’re always happy, she will do anything to see that you have all that you need. I promise with the help of God to train you up in the way you should go so that you won’t ever depart from it. Sweetheart you will know purpose early (you don’t even have a choice🙃). You will make God, mummy and daddy proud. You will definitely be a carrier of God’s presence and a blessing to those you come in contact with. I love so much baby♥️♥️♥️ and make sure you have fun in the kiddies world before you come to the real world. Just know that my heart beat for you……
Yours faithfully,
Your momma.

wheeewwwh🙈🙈😍, the love of a mother for her baby is priceless how much more God to us and all he has deposited in is to birth. Sorry for break transmission 🤣🤣, let’s continue.


You are programmed from eternity

Dear unborn Child🥺🥺🥰,

I guess this is Abba’s way of saying, “it’s time to take incubation serious”So I haven’t thought of writing a letter to you before. I haven’t even written one to Daddy yet. I guess I will have to do that after now. I’m happy to be writing this now ( the year 2020 is over and a new season has began). Mummy promises to take praying for you and Daddy serious.Oh wow, I can’t believe I’m writing this to one who will come out of me.. (Butterflies in my belly). You need to see the smile on mummy’s face now🥺🤭Mummy is trying her best to make sure you come out cooked. Mummy plans on having 4kids; 2 boys and 2girls( she hasn’t heard what Daddy and Daddy Jesus wants yet). She hasn’t gotten your names yet, she will do that soon. You know one of mummy’s prayer is that you don’t make the mistakes she made.Mummy loves you so much❤️Mummy has to tell you this now. She doesn’t promise a rosy life and a smooth road ahead but she promises to stand for you (she’ll travail and clear hurdles for you) and to stand with you.Oh, you need to see mummy’s plan for your schooling.Have i told you that daddy loves you so much? He loves mummy too and he’ll do his best to make us happy.And also, let me tell you this now… Creations are waiting for you…oh I can’t wait to behold you. I promise I will never corrupt your precursor… by the power of the HolyGhost nations will drink of fresh wine from you. And lastly, you’re a product of eternity. You’ve always existed in the mind of God. Daddy Jesus loves you even more than I do. I wish i could go on but i have to stop for now. Mummy loves you❤️🥺.


You are Royalty


I know you are going to come out triplets, my one boy and two beautiful daughters. It has become a pattern to raise one’s offsprings the same way they were raised,I am not saying its wrong, but I sure do know how I want to raise you with the help of God.I want that from your lives first breath,you meet love and that you remain in that atmosphere to your lives last breathe.I want to impact right morals and discipline in you ,I want you to grow with the ability to adapt to all situations,I want most importantly that you grow with the fear of God.I know I am not well grounded but I believe your father is and your coming will solidify me and equip me more. I am not going to be that mother that makes same clothes for you all,I don’t fancy it 🤣but I am going to make sure you are inseparable as siblings. I am going to make sure you can stand for each other anytime.I promise that you will have the best mother ever if only you will listen to me and do as I say.I know times have changed but I am not going to assure you that I will not strike you if your actions deserve it,but I will make sure I still return to wipe your tears.I want to have you as my gist and gossip mates,I want us to play and crack jokes together, I want us to all go and come back sharing how our day went. I want us to gather with your father in the living room and dance to songs. Your mamma is an intelligent and smart woman and I have no doubts you will be excellent beings.Though I am bad at mathematics so please don’t come to me with your assignments because I will not hesitate to tell you the truth even though I know your father is great at it. So meet him for the calculations and come to me for other aspects.Finally,I want you to start being proud of where you come from in eternity because you are coming into a home of love and life itself will be worthwhile for you. Be proud because you are coming into ROYALTY.

Ah…see prophetic voices of mothers to their children o 🔥🔥. The next generation of children will not fail o. Heaven seals these letters and spreads life to as many that are reading this. Babies will come if you haven’t had yours, pray them to be for you are a voice.

This is the bus stop for today, let’s not finish up the excitement in one day. Be sure to comment, share and like. Don’t forget to stop by next time ☺️. I value you all.

HAPPY NEW YEAR ❤️ once again.


Hey guys, it’s the last month of the year and I’m super excited. The year 2020 has been one of a kind! It’s been one to which not just anyone could survive and come out strong except one who is helped by God.

There are so many lessons and so many things to be grateful for. This I have been able to successfully reflect on through pictures taken in those times. Photos are the best way to store up memories and view them years after but still with the same feeling you had while taking them.

‘We keep this love in a photograph, we make this memories for ourselves, where our eyes are never closing, time forever frozen still’. __Ed Sheran.

So join me as I take you on a short photo ride on how my year has been and what to be grateful for.

• I’m grateful to God for my life☺️

I love you girl

• I am grateful for the people who walked into my life this year and previously

y’all amazing ❤️

• I’m grateful for BHUSF ( Bingham university Student Fellowship) family.

This was taken during prayer walk.

•. I’m thankful for my excos who have become family.

FAMBAM 2019/2020

• how can I not be grateful for my spiritual family?🙈

We come in the name of the Lord.

• one of my latest testimonies is that I did FYB Thanksgiving against all odds🤣🤣

October 2020.

• thank you to my main girl and project partner. Sharon you’re awesome 💎

You fine like 3 people 🤣

• Also, my project defense came and it was indeed a success ☺️

We nailed it.

• I had post graduation moment in school and it was fun.

i just couldn’t believe I had to go.

• The best gift God has given to me after Jesus Christ is the gift of men. I celebrate you all.

I celebrate you all

• I’ve had priceless moments with love in the air.

• some people don’t just pop up by coincidence, they are divinely sent


• To those times I was able to try out new looks

I still glow.

• Family is family

Be grateful for siblings.
meet my family.

• I’m grateful for inspiration to write and bless lives through series and blog post


I hope you were encouraged to be thankful despite the high and low of the year. I pray December unveils beautiful and amazing sides of the year for you.

Don’t forget to like,share and comment on things you’re grateful for.☺️☺️☺️



Sounds are ushers to new times

Hey guys,

I trust you’ve been doing well and living life as best as you can( inspite of the seemingly tough times). So I decided to try something new this time. I’ll be preparing our hearts to anticipate a new sound which will be released in this season to usher us into what God has in the next phase of life.

Sounds always precede a new move and fortunately it has been God’s strategy to release sounds so as to prepare our hearts for what he’s set to release. Thus, in this time we must desire and crave God himself in his very fullness otherwise we will not be able to survive in the new season coming. Only men who have heard the right sound and arisen to it in heart will soar in the times coming.

So, straight to the special dish of today, I’ll be having a guest in here who God has stirred to release a sound in this time and tune our hearts to yearn for God. Join me as I reveal to you this very vessel in an interview I had with her.💃💃💃💃and she’s no other person but MISS BLESSING JAMES

It’s so nice having you here. Can you please tell us about your self?

Response: My name is Blessing Oluwafunmilayo James. I am from kogi state but live in Abuja. I graduated from Bingham University Karu nasarawa state.Born on the 19 September which shows that I am a september baby. I am the second child and only girl amongst 3 siblings.I am a God lover, music lover, a food lover and I love to go out as well.


So when did your interest in music or singing start?

Response: My interest for music started from when I was a kid. You will always see me trying to get into any kind of choir or music group I find in my surrounding. As I grew, the interest became a part of me and I realized they I couldn’t do away with music no matter how much I tried to ignore it. I will always find myself running back to music because it gives me peace and speaks to me.

What was your drive in pushing to release your first singles and why now?

Response:Well, I have been singing since I was a little girl. I never really thought of pushing it forward to the extent of releasing a song until last year December . It felt like there was something inside of me that needs to reach out to the world. I was restless until I decided to embark on the journey of releasing this song.

• I guess that ‘something’ inside you that was wanting to be heard is the person of the holy spirit giving you promptings.

So, can you share with us the story behind this anticipated song?

Response: A little story about this song. Well you wouldn’t believe it that this song came to me one morning when my family and I were having our morning devotion. I tried to ignore but it kept on ringing in my head and I had to start working on it with my amazing team GRACE. The song has a very deep meaning attached to it. It is not just a song but also a prayer of encounter with God. It reveals your hunger and thirst for God and how much of God you want in your life.

WOW! We are getting deeper. Who can you say is your source of inspiration?

Response:My source is inspiration is God

It is not just a song but also a prayer of encounter with God.

How will you say has been your relationship with God especially in this season?

Response:Well, as we all know having a relationship with God is not a days job because you have to let go of a lot of things and make room for God. A song writer says” the world is offering me wine but Jesus I want to drink from you alone” which means everyday,you have to push and push to over come the world and not by your strength but by the help of the holy Spirit. The Bible says that God will send us a comforter that will teach us all things reason being that he knows that we are not perfect and our will is weak so the holy Spirit needs to teach us how to live right and overcome the world. In summary I am striving to live a life pleasing unto God through the help of the holy Spirit that at the end of everything I will get to meet my savior.

What has been a major challenge in the preparation and release of this song?

Response: One major challenge I had was finance but when a project is pioneered by God, He always provides and never leave it abandoned.

what do you have to tell people out there who are battling to use their gifts for God’s pleasure while been a channel of blessing to others?

Response:For those who are battling to use their gifts to bless others, trust me I know that it is not easy to face the world to showcase what you have inside and showcase what God has given you but it is time we know that on our own we can’t make it and we can’t do it. It is God who has given you this talent and it is through the help of God you can use it to bless others. The Bible also makes us to understand that God has not given us the spirit of fear but of a sound mind. The world, our generation are waiting for us to all come out and make manifest of that gift which has given to us and God expects us to use it to win souls and be fishers of men for him.

I must say it’s exciting seeing young people burn for God. It is a proof that our generation has hope and a call to press more into God. I’m also privileged to have you here and to support your ministry. God bless you real good.

So guys, we’ve heard it all from Miss blessing James. Be sure to anticipate the release of her first single titled MORE. It will bless your heart. Also don’t forget to like,share and show some love… I love you 😘♥️


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Hey guys,how are you doing? I trust you are fine.

A few weeks ago, I was privileged to be under a teaching which lasted for a week on an essential pack one must have if he or she will get to the destination called success. So I thought it wise to share with you some insights and thoughts I got on it. This essential pack which is needed on your pathway to success is nothing but discipline. If you will succeed in this life in whatever area then you must always be kitted up with this pack on and in you otherwise your dreams to get to your destination will only remain a dream and never become a reality.

So what then is discipline? According to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, discipline is defined as the ability to train or develop by instruction and exercise especially in self-control.

So it is that if you must actually become that which you have envisioned,then you must seek to possess discipline as you face the daily Huddle’s and phases that life throws at you. Discipline cuts across self discipline, academic discipline and the rest. Come with me as I show you some areas which discipline is needed and why so.,

Discipline comes with pain but to get the gain.

An aspect of discipline that is of utmost importance is self discipline. No amount of control or discipline surpasses this foundation because every other aspects of discipline stems out and find its root in self discipline. Self discipline is the ability to develop and train oneself and his/her response to situations and circumstances.

Your greatest enemy is not those who you have tagged as haters or your village people but it is yourself. That very person and part of you that is comfortable being a mediocre and will continously fight to remain and be in control. That version of you that speaks silently of how foolish and lame your imagination and dreams are of becoming a game changer whenever you look in the mirror. That version of you needs to be disciplined otherwise you will let that invisible version of you become the very reality of your life whenever your look into the mirror hoping to see a great you. Do you know how self does that? He takes hold of your mind and thoughts till it becomes the very thing you see.

think about it.

Self discipline will never be achieved if you have not discovered yourself. You will keep struggling to fine tune yourself to become someone else until you discover yourself and then seek to pursue how you can evolve bad grow. Once you have discovered yourself then you will begin to inculcate lifestyle and characters that match your purpose and destination. If as an aspiring business man you do not become conversant with digits,you will see your business crumble before your very eyes;that is if you get there.

One of the aspect you can train yourself to be disciplined is in your relationship with God. No one wants to be in a relationship and still feel like he or she is single. Smae thing applies here,you must train yourself to spend time with God on a daily bases. It all boils down to been intentional as was talked about in my previous post. Train yourself to study God’s word even when you fall asleep when reading it because I tell you with consistency comes mastery. Make up your mind to pray and communicate daily with the father no matter how short it is. As time goes on, the relationship gets more interesting and you consciously and unconsciously dedicate and desire to spend more time with him.


Secondly, you must learn to put a discipline and or control button on your thoughts. Once you neglete the place of discipline in thoughts, you will have no control over the questionable actions you carry out. No one the scripture says, out of the abundance of the heart,the mouth speaketh’. So all that will finally flow out if you will be dependent on that which you have allowed to plant its root in your mind and thoughts. Take heed of your thoughts and mind because it is your battle zone.

Watch your thoughts.

• Next on, is academic discipline. It’s called a discipline for a reason because it seeks to shape your mindset, character and lifestyle to suite that area you have applied or sought for. Even it our academics it is important that you allow yourselves to be carefully trained otherwise the world will be crowded with man of no significance in their fields and yet eating of the cake they make no effort to make. Study to show yourself approved, the act of studying goes beyond just opening books and cramming or looking at pictures. No! You must bring your mind to standstill and focus on what is in front of you. I get you probably didn’t plan to read the course you’re reading but now that you are there,can you just discipline yourself to study and be excellent,I get you worked hard previously to make good grades but it seemed like a waste of time and it could hurt but can you proof to yourself that you deserve better and sit and be diligent.

It’s called discipline for a reason

Can you cut off the partying, clubbing,drugs, womanizing, wandering jobs, escort,🤣 and focus on those books. Wake up and read even if you will put your legs in a bucket of water..it’s for a while and the results will definitely speak.


• Sexual discipline: it’s so unfortunate that immorality and sexual chastity is something of the old and waywardness is now the leading banner. But I tell you,you just rise and out a stopper to every sexual urge that will want to lead you to sin such as masturbation, pornography,lust, fornication, adultery and many more. This is because if you do not sit and make up your mind to deal and control it now you may never reach your destination of success and even if you reach,this lack of control and discipline you neglected will throw you off the ladder of success to shame and disgrace. Do not awaken love before it’s time through corrupt movies, sounds and discussion. Train yourself to flee from every seeming appearance of evil. Don’t pray, flee.

Build walls around your sexual urge with discipline

Finally, the need for discipline in character and association is of much relevance. Who have you allowed yourself to hang with? What character do you display towards people and when alone? Have you decided to roam with chicks when you were born and eagle or have you taken up characters of vagabonds when you are a son of the most high?

Change them.

I must let you know that discipline puts a check on our dressing.you will not dress exposed and open up places and access points that have been design to be kept close by God 🤣🤣🤣,you will not be arrogant,rude, dirty, unwelcoming,mean and non challant to the feelings and needs of others. Watch it. Based on the discovery of who you are, you must trust God to align and connect you with men of like callibar to help you attain that height and equip you with what you need to remain there.

I trust you’ve gotten something to hold on to from this thought I shared and I hope you get to share them with your family, friends,loved ones, colleagues and everyone you come in contact with..thanks for stopping by☺️☺️☺️ and don’t forget also to follow,like and make comments and contributions. Bye ❣️❣️❣️

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